About Rafa

Rafayogawear is a made for types of yoga , Hatha, Asthanga , Vinyasa ,Hot  yoga and of course Surf and pole dance are another passion for us. Activewear clothing brand was born in 2014 out of a need for a new range of yoga clothing that today?s health and fitness practitioners would find exciting in design and yet highly functional.

has been specially designed to meet these demands using super soft fabrics that whisk moisture away to maintain a superdry effect.

Hand made in Bali , exclusive design only 50 pieces by prints styles, materials and cuts have been carefully crafted to best fit your body shape  ? because we made it for you!

We offer free worldwide shipping with $200 purchase and  $10 flat rate for other purchases.

About Rafa

Rafaela De Moraes, ?Rafa? to her many friends and followers, is a an adventurous Brazilian, who had a successful high powered career in the high end fashion industry for many years.However this was not enough, and Rafa went in search of a more holistic and rewarding life, that was to be dedicated to the mind and body.

In her extensive travels through Asia, Rafa enjoyed the closeness to nature and wonderful health benefits that come from such past times as surfing and yoga. Rafa immersed herself In the teachings of yoga, and is now instructing the widely growing number of people wanting to learn this ancient custom. Indeed Rafa is rising as a preeminent instructor in Hatha Yoga , Bikram yoga, amongst her desire to also develop in other forms of yoga.

Through Rafa?s exposure to fashion, adventurous lifestyle, interaction with cultures and people, and youth enhancing yoga practice, also came the recognition of the need for much more alive, intriguing, energetic and dynamic yoga outfits.

Rafa brings the inaugural yoga line, as introduced at 2014to the World with passion and love for people and the earth. Rafa hopes you want to join in success of her unique and fascinating yoga clothing line, with designs and colours that are entirely new and establishing the trend.